Stir Crazy Tropical Esacapism

What’s in the box

  1. Roasted Pineapple infused Aqua Riva 100% agave Tequila, Ancho Reyes Liqueur, Ms Better Bitters Pineapple and Star Anise bitters & Miraculous Foamer

  2. Grapefruit Sherbet,

  3. Raspberry Gin, Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur,

  4. Acid adjusted kiwi, passion fruit & yuzu cordial, Ms Better Bitters Miraculous Foamer

  5. Ready to drink Pouch 1 – Queen’s Gimlet

  6. Ready to drink Pouch 2 – Thai Tai

  7. Garnish bag for 3 drinks

  8. Can Fentiman’s Soda water

  9. Pippette Crazy Fairy Tears

What you Need 

• Spoon to mix/stir with (skewer/chopstick)

• Mixing Glass (large glass or Cafetiere)

• Cocktail Shaker (Jar or Sealed Container)

• Strainer (large spoon or mini sieve)

• Rocks Glass/ tumbler

• Nick & Nora Glass/ small stemmed glass

• Martini/Coupe glass

• Champagne Flute

• Tea towel & rolling pin (lewis bag)

• Bag of cubed ice

We will work with you to create the perfect online event. With 4 cocktails to choose from,  a host and all the key ingredients and other goodies supplied, we make sure you learn a little and have fun

Delivered to you and your parties door step

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