Welcome to ACID HOUSE!!!

This week we are going to be exploring with acidity in drinks. Thinking outside the box and instead of using the normal lemon and lime to add acidity to cocktails we are going to be showing you how acids such as; Citric, malic and lactose can change your drinks. 


This is again another bumper box of 4 Drinks! 2 to make along and 2 which are pre-made ready for you to enjoy!



*Acid Thunder by Fast Edie*
 Blended Scotch Whiskey
 Sweet Vermouth
 Cherry Heering 
 Acid Adjusted Orange Cordial

*What Time Is Love by The KLF*
 Peach Yoghurt Washed Blanco Tequila
Strawberry Cream Syrup
 Black Pepper Tincture

*Pacific State by The 808 State*
 Haig Clubman

 Apple & Celery Cordial
Top Soda

*French Kiss By Lil Louis*
Lemon & Pineapple Sherbet
Champagne Acid Solution