No 20: Cafe Amore

No 20: Cafe Amore


No 20: Café Amore

In Celebration of National Espresso Martini Day (2/9) we are going to be showing you how to use Coffee in Cocktails. Join us on September 5th at 8pm for some Stir Crazy fun!


Kubla Khan

The Kubla Khan featured in Doctor Inks 4th Menu, Pride and Produce.

Courvoisier VS Cognac, Turkish Harem sherbet No 2, Cold Brew Coffee and Aphrodite Bitters. Enjoyed short or lengthend. 


Cafe de Rhum

Aged Cuban Rum blended with both coffee & rich chocolate liqueurs, Hazelnut orgeat. Served over crushed ice. 


(we will also show you how to make an espresso martini in the masterclass - ingredients not provided)


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Doctor Inks Curiosities, 43 The Quay,  Exeter, Devon EX2 4AN  


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